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Monday, October 29, 2007

Emergency Cosplay Results

So, I did, in fact, manage to somehow make a costume in less than a week. With some help from my boyfriend, of course...!

I will create a few entries on the creation process of the costume, maybe two or so. They will be put up over the course of the week.

To summarize: I made Izumi's costume from Kujibiki Unbalance/Genshiken. I showed up at the Garage in Harvard Square a little before 8pm on Sunday, where the judges had already sort of packed up... but of course, they still let me enter because I was there before 8.

They took my photo and asked me a few questions about my costume. I entered in the novice category. They didn't spend very long looking at my costume, maybe one or two minutes.

In the end, I got an honourable mention for my costume. It was a little disappointing... as does every cosplayer who works hard on their costume and enters a contest, I wanted to place. I was hoping for 3rd. ^_^;;; But that was optimistic, anyway, and I'm really proud that I was able to create a nice costume in less than a week and wear it somewhere where some people would appreciate it. One girl actually know who I was and what series I was from! That was pretty nice.

Here is a final costume photo of me as Izumi, after returning from the event, and a photo of the figure I based my costume on:

More later...!

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