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Friday, March 14, 2008

Ashitaka's Comin Along

Mike's Ashitaka costume is coming along nicely. Last night, I created the sleeve part that goes underneath the whole thing.

At this moment, I'm working on the robe. It's almost done! It just needs sleeves.

Sleeves are one of the hardest things to make, especially if you aren't using a pattern. Robe sleeves are pretty easy because they're baggy and easy to hide any flaws in. At this point, I'm okay at sleeves. I start by making cylinders, which either taper toward the wrist or don't depending on the design, and then I cut an angle at the top unfinished end.

I'm going to do a sleeve tutorial some time soon.

I have a few more things on the check list for today, so I'm off. I hope if you're going to AB that your preparations are going well! Leave a comment and maybe I'll see you there!

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