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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Naruto episode 2

In Naruto episode 2, Naruto’s task is to get his picture taken. He poses rather artistically and Hokage-sama orders him to retake his picture. He refuses and transforms himself into Sexy no Jutsu which takes Hokage-sama by surprise.

Suddenly a kid (Konohamaru) shows up and interrupts their meeting and challenged Hokage-sama to a battle. As he runs forward to make his move, he trips and his teacher, Ebisu, runs forward to protect him. The Konohamaru accuses Naruto of doing something, but Naruto is quick to pick the kid up and threaten him, much to the dismay of Ebisu, who pleads not to hurt him. He introduces himself as Konohamaru, the grandson of the great Third Hokage. Naruto doesn’t care and hits him anyway. Ebisu then has a chat with Konohamaru, but Konohamaru immediately leaves and seeks out Naruto, the only one who would actually hit the grandson of a Hokage.

Konohamaru offers to be Naruto’s follower if he will teach him the temptation technique he used on Hokage-sama. To start, Naruto teaches him about Chakras - the energy you use to execute a technique. Ninja techniques use both Chakra energy, the energy that exists in every cell in the body, and spirit energy, the energy that is accumulated though training and experience. When these two are combined, a seal is formed and the technique is executed. Naruto tells him that techniques require hard work and guts. To test the kid’s skills, Naruto asks him to transform into a girl standing nearby. He transforms into a hideous clone of her, which greatly offends the girl, who hits Naruto and asks the Konohamaru to do a cuter transformation of her next time.

Next stop is to research pheromones at the bookstore. They sneak in and check out the girly section, but soon get kicked out. Finally Naruto and Konohamaru sneak into a girl’s bathroom, but their disguise is seen through and again they get kicked out. Konohamaru’s spirits are low by this point because he can’t do the transformation very well, but Naruto tries to help him by teaching him the temptation technique. The basics: big breasts, thin waist, big bottoms.

Konohamaru feels alone. No one sees him as Konohamaru, but as the grandson of a Hokage. That’s why he wants to become a Hokage so badly. Naruto tells him he can’t until he beats him first.

Meanwhile, Hokage-sama explains to Iruka that when the Fourth Hokage sealed the demon spirit inside of Naruto, he wanted everyone to look at Naruto as a hero. Instead, the adults of the village see Naruto as the demon spirit itself. Naruto will have a hard time ahead of him.

Soon, Ebisu catches up to Naruto and Konohamaru and demands that the kid come with him. Naruto will only teach him bad things, like the temptation technique, which he has currently mastered now. Ebisu is very unhappy with that and continues to reprimand the kid. Naruto is ready to stick up for him, though, and does Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, and then does his temptation technique, so several naked girls surround Ebisu. He calls it the Harem no jutsu.

Naruto then explains that to receive the title of Hokage, a title that everyone looks up to, he has a lot of preparation ahead of him. You have to earn people’s respect. This upsets the kid, who quits becoming his follower. Naruto seems to understand and vows that one day the two will fight for the Hokage title.

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