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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Naruto Shippuden episode 64 - 65

The Naruto Shippuden episode 64 - 65 started by Anbu pursuing Danzou. The Anbu Team They catch Danzou talking with a ninja from the Hidden Rain village which was an eney ninja. The Anbu team brought Danzou back to konoha, Sora saw them take Danzou ti the interrigation room where Asuma is also present. Sora sneak himself inside and listensed to the conversation inside the interrigation room.

Apparently the ninja from the Hidden Rain village was actually a double agent and giving information not only to Danzou but also to the two Konoha advisors as well. The Hidden Rain village was not responsible for the attacks. Another information that they uncover was the real purpose of the attacks. It appears to be that they want to capture Sora. The members of the room discuss their options trying to push Tsunade into “disposing” of Sora. Just as she was about to refuse, Sora is caught sneeking in on the conversation. Sora was upset about the things he heard. Sora thought that everyone wants him dead. Sora asked Asuma if he killed his dad since that what Furido told him. Asuma admits that he killed Sora’s father. Enraged, Sora attacks Asuma but is unable to affect him. The battle is taken outside where Naruto notices what’s going on. Naruto jumps in and blocks an unsuspected attack from from Root. Sora then leaves. Furido finds him, however, and encourages him to kill not only Asuma, but the Hokage as well to avenge his father. Later that night, Tsunade is attacked by Sora who is saved just in time by Naruto. The two ninjas run off into the night while Tsunade gathers herself and starts preparations. At the same moment, a lightning storm hits which knocks out all the power in Konoha. Suspecting foul play, Tsunade starts making preparations.

Naruto Shippuden episode 65: Lockdown of Darkness

Tsunade raises the emergency level of the village because the current attacks on the city. There are different people attacking the four corners of the city. Coming from the front appears the four enemy Ninjas that started this whole story. Konoha tries to stop them, but after several impressive earth element techniques the defense is merely brushed aside. Meanwhile Tsunade sends every Ninja out to battle except for Asuma who she commands to follow after Sora. While Asuma is following Sora, the four enemy ninjas set up a defensive Barrier to prevent anyone from the village from escaping. Asuma was able to foresee this and told it to Sora after he was able to catch up with Sora. Asuma told Sora that Furido's true goal was the destruction of the whole Konoha. Sora was shocked because he did not realized the group's true intent. Sora takes off again and this time Naruto follows him as per Asuma's instructions. Asuma goes to help defend the village. The four enemy Ninjas then released their special weapon. Using an earth technique they resurected an entire dead ninja clan as their army.

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