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Monday, November 24, 2008

Naruto Bloodlines limit: Byakugan

Byakugan is another Naruto bloodline limit which is possessed by the Hyuuga clan. Hyuuga Neji is one of Naruto characters that can use the Byakugan ability. A person that possess the Byakugan ability can have a 360 degree vision, see people's chakra circulatory system and see many more things beyond a normal Ninja eye can do. Although they say that a Byakugan can see 360 degrees there is still a blind spot (as to what Neji has demonstrated) that every Byakugan user must protect. It was said that Byakugan is much superior compare to Sharingan, but I think Sharingan has a lot of advantage compare to Byakugan or we will find out more in the future.

ByakuganHyuuga NejiHyuuga Hinata

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