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Friday, December 26, 2008

Vampire Knight: Touya Rima

vampire knight cosplay - touya rimaOne of the youngest students of the Night Class, Touya Rima is a quiet girl who works as a model along side Senri Shiki. Though little is known about the nature of their relationship, they are often seen together and have similar personalities. Like many vampires, Rima posses the ability to control lightning.

When Rido was using Shiki's body, Rima was able to tell almost immediately that something was wrong. She later confronts Shiki and tries to force Rido out of him. Ichijou comes between the two and sends a badly wounded Rima back to the Moon Dormitories; to protect both her and Shiki.

Technically, I'm still on break, but I wanted to change my layout for the coming new year. And because I'm a bit of scatter brain, I seemed to have deleted my poll..! ;~; I was able to save the results though, and Asian Cosplayers was the winner for this round! Rest assured, I will definitely keep featuring different cosplays from around the world.

I hope you like the new Vampire Knight layout featuring ON/OFF! I'll make link banners for this later...

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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