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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vampire Knight: Kuran Kaname 06

vampire knight cosplay - kuran kanameKaname is the ancestor of the Kurans, the very first pure blood vampire who was reincarnated thanks to his own descendant, Rido. Despite wanting to kill Rido to avenge his parents’ death, Kaname could not finish him because Rido is his creator. In order to save Yuki, Kaname reduced Rido to a state wherein he could not fully revive unless he takes the blood of another pureblooded vampire.

But this was only the first step in Kaname’s plans. After incapacitating Rido, Kaname decided to find and raise someone who will be capable of killing Rido while being unable to betray him… in this case, Zero was his “pawn” because Kaname knew he could not betray Yuki.

One would think of Kaname as manipulative, and yet he’s done all this because he wanted to protect Yuki. It’s a little unnerving… But still, this is a beautiful cosplay. Great work!

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