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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hunter x Hunter: Neon Nostrade

The only daughter of the head of the Noatrade family, Neon has a Specialization Nen, "Lovely Ghostwriter: Angelic Auto Writing", which allows her to accurately tell a person's future in the form of a poem. She can use her powers on other people, but not on herself. This ability was unfortunately stolen by Kuroro Lucifer, right after she had told his fortune.

hunter x hunter cosplay - neon nostrade

Neon is also a spoiled brat who threatens to stop using her ability if she does not get what she wants. She is into the occult and loves to collect rare human flesh, like the pair of Scarlet Eyes from Kurapika's clan.

Impressive. I love the pair of Kurat Eyes that she's holding. It makes her more in character. Great job on this!

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