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Saturday, May 9, 2009

==> Project : Re-Crediting

I have a tiny little favor to ask..

I'm currently on the project : re-crediting all the cosplayer who I posted their cosplay photos here.
I did credit them but it's quite informaly ..

So from now onwards, I'm starting to crediting all the cosplayer properly..
Instead of just saying 'all credits to the cosplayer' in every topic ..
I'll ask for their permission first and credit them by linking to their official cosplay gallery.

Though I can't really locate each and every cosplayer ..
so can you guys help me out ?? *glitterypityeyes*

If you know or recognize any of the cosplayer in any series that I have posted in this blog,
please do tell me their NAME or the LINK to their official website.

Thousands of THANK YOU !!~

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