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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bleach: Ichimaru Gin 02

bleach cosplay - ichimaru ginGraduating from the Soul Society’s Academy after only a year, Ichimaru Gin became captain of the 3rd Division after serving under Sosuke Aizen as the lieutenant of the 5th Division. He joins Aizen when he escapes to Hueco Mundo in order to fulfill Aizen’s plans to “change the world”. The only person he seems to truly care about is Mtsumoto Rangiku, a childhood friend and lieutenant of the 10th Division under Hitsugaya Toshiro.

I have no idea why he’s carrying Gin’s portrait. Maybe to show that the old Gin as a captain is dead and a new Gin, labeled a traitor, is born? It’s scary at how similar they look though. Nice cosplaying!

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