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Monday, December 21, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009 @ Malaysia

Comic Fiesta 09 amused me just like those previous years.
This year is merrier as lots of cosplayer, doujinshi plus visitor joined the fun.
Event schedule was packed for the whole 2 days..
The MCs are as their usual AWESOME.. they just know the way to heat up the crowd.. *thumbsup*
Free gifts are given away to the visitors.
Plus, artist demos and workshops does attract many people so does the Cosplay Competition.
Many cosplayer from oversea had their stop at Comic Fiesta.. and they love CF ~

**Many Competition was held and these are the WINNERS !!~
Above 17
Grand Prize Winner : Abdul Rahman Putra Bin Zulkharnain (Age 18)
Most Creative : Leong Wai Yin (Age 21)
Most Skilled : Grace Ong Siew Ling (Age 19)
Below 17
Grand Prize Winner : Joey Liang Joo Yee (Age 16)
Most Creative : Syafiq Ali Bin Othman (Age 17)
Most Skilled : Chua May Qin (Age 17)

Comic Competition for Booklet
Khairul Hizam

Best Comic Artist Booth
Spam Inc

Cosplay Competition
Best Group
(Anthea Hoi Yii Jian, Jasmine Chee Mun Cheng, Yin Shu Hui, Nurul Nadirah bt Mohd Sharif) from Gyakuten Saiban

Best OTP
Dante (Mohammad Syauqi Bin Mohd Jamil, 21)
& Trish (Anne Sri Diyana Jamaludin, 24) from DMC4

Best Cosplayer
Kirin (Sandy Soon Seet Yee, 20) from Monster Hunters

Honourable Mention 1
Taikoubou (Faradila binti Nik Abdul Aziz, 25) from Houshin Engi

Honourable Mention 2
Alex Mercer (Shane Shukri Iskandar, 18) from Prototype

Best in Hall
Gabrant (Heirul Mohamad Kamel, 26) from FFX12

Best Craftmanship
Seth Nightlord (Marina Shukry, 22) from Trinity Blood

DayONE (19/12/2009)
Many start queueing up since early in the morning !

Doujinshi booths are packed with humans !!

Card Tournament

Comic Fiesta Art Gallery really does make pass byers to stop and have a look ..

Amazing Cosplays !! .. most of them are all DIY !! O^O

Figurine Heaven !!

These adorable cute little dolls that placed on the artist booth does attract me..

These are hand sculptures .. isn't that amazing !!

Judges Coffee and Tea !!

DayTWO (20/12/2009)
Look at the crowd .. barely can breathe in there XD

Gempak Booth

Keroro Cosplay .. anyone ??

Game Station does attract many gamers and viewers ..

Artist Talk

Live Demo

Commissions ..


as usual .. promoting their merchandise

Singing performance... they can sing !!


COSPLAYER Zone !! ::

Figurine Heaven ::

They are just too CUTE ::

Overall.. Comic Fiesta is the biggest ACG event ever.
If you missed it this year.. *sighs* make sure you don't miss the fun next year !!~ ^_^

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