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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Rank: Assassin Ninja under Zabazu
Birthday: Unknown
Age: 12
Origin: Country of Water
Abilities: Water/Ice Manipulation, Mirror or Ice Crystals
Acquaintances: Zabuza, Team 7
Biography: From thhe Country of Water, Haku was hunted down by his father and several townsmen in order to exterminate the ability he inherited from his mother. He has the ability to manipulate the properties of water, shape it in any way desirable or turning it into ice. Haku killed his father and the men with him after seeing them kill his mother and then turn to kill him. He became a beggar until he was found by Zabuza, who trained him to be an assassin. In time, Haku's abilities surpassed Zabuza's, although he still had a very kind heart despite being a powerful ninja.

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