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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Haruno Sakura

Haruno Sakura

Rank: Genin
Birthday: March 28
Age: 13
Origin: Konoha Village
Abilities: Advanced Chakra-molding, healing arts.
Acquaintances: Everyone in Konoha
Biography: Part of the original Team 7 with Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke. Originally infatuated with Sasuke and competed for him with Ino, she developed a very strong emotional attachment to him. Although a very good student and chakra-molder, she isn’t very skilled at producing results in a dangerous situation and relies on others much of the time. Despite this, she is very determined and never runs away. She is very much the intellectual type, which makes her a very good candidate for medical ninja training. She can produce monstrous strength when angry at Naruto, who has always had a crush on her. The feeling has never been mutual. Recently Sakura has studied under Tsunade training as a medical Ninja. But learned a lot more then she bargained for. She can now channel an extreme amount of chakra into her fists and release it all at once in a flurry of slow but extremely powerful attacks. enough to explode trees into splinters and break up the ground into large chunks. She is now part of a team with Kakashi and Naruto.

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