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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hatake Kakashi

Hatake KakashiHatake Kakashi

Rank: Jounin
Birthday: Unknown
Age: 20
Origin: Konoha Village
Abilities: 1000+ copied techniques, Sharingan, Chidori
Acquaintances: Everyone in Konoha
Biography: Kakashi is the leader of Team 7. Hatake Kakashi is known as Konoha’s technique specialist because he has copied over 1000 techniques and because of that the nickname Copy Ninja was also associated to him. He is not only good on copying other people's techniques, he also developed his own original technique which is called Chidori because of the sound it makes when used which is like a thousand birds chirping simultaneously. His technique is also called Lightning Edge because he once cut through a bolt of lightning with it. People of Konoha finds him very cunning, cool, and like what Gai usually says, he is “hip.” He can be a show-off sometimes but that's only to reassure that his friends that he has the situation under control, and even then not very often. His good sense of humor will surely catch someone by surprise most of the time. Punctuality is not very important to him, but teamwork is. He believes the worst thing a ninja can do is to fail to look out for his fellow ninja. He is also obsessed in reading a certain book which makes it also his greatest weakness.

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