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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hyuuga Hiashi

Hyuuga HiashiHyuuga Hiashi

Birthday: Unknown
Age: 35
Origin: Konoha
Abilities: Kaiten, Jyuuken, Byakugan, etc.
Acquaintances: Konoha
Biography: Hyuuga Hiashi is the uncle of Neji, Hinata's father and the leader of the Main family of the Hyuuga clan. He has a twin brother that harbored bitterness toward the Main family because even though how gifted his son Neji is, he was still forced into the Branch family because Hiashi was born a few seconds earlier. Hiashi's brother sacrificed himself when Hiashi's life was demanded as payment when he killed a foreign ninja who attempted to abduct Hinata. Hiashi is a very superior ninja, befitting his royal position. He acknowledges Neji's genius, despite his status as a member of the Branch family.

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