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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hyuuga Neji

Hyuuga NejiHyuuga Neji

Birthday: July 3
Age: 14
Origin: Konoha Village
Abilities: Jyuuken, Byakugan, Kaiten
Acquaintances: Everyone in Konoha
Biography: A member of the inferior Branch Family of the Hyuuga, he has inherited the abilities of the clan very strongly. For instance, the Hakeshou Kaiten is only taught to the Head Family, yet Neji learned it, the Hakke Rokujuu, and Hakke Hyaku Nijuu Hachi himself. He is very much a genius. He can see the Tenketsu on a person’s body, which are the points through which chakra flows. He can strike those points and manipulate that flow, potentially stopping their chakra flow altogether. He once hated the Head Family for obvious reasons, but also because of a past shady incident involving his father. He relates himself to a caged bird. This metaphor gets very developed over time.

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