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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Inuzuka Kiba

Inuzuka KibaInuzuka Kiba

Birthday: Unknown
Age: 13
Origin: Konoha Village
Abilities: Beast Transformation Techniques
Acquaintances: Everyone in Konoha
Biography: A ninja in the same year as Naruto, who doesn’t have much interest in school and shares some of the same mannerisms as Naruto. He is rash, but much of his confidence comes from his ability. His fighting style utilizes the speed and power of beasts. He transforms his pet, Akamaru, into his double for team attacks. The Inuzuka clan uses wolf-like dogs as their battle companions. Kiba‘s mother has one named Kuromaru, who is full-grown and can speak, which is what can one day be expected of Akamaru.

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