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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth and Jenova

final fantasy vii cosplay - sephiroth and jenova

One the best and most powerful member of the elite warriors of Shinra, Sephiroth is well known for his skills during the war. Unfortunately, when he was sent on a mission to the village of Nibelheim, he discovered that he was only a product of a biological experiment using Jenova cells. This drove Sephiroth to insanity, burning down the entire village and killing several civilians. He was assumed dead after his confrontation with Cloud Strife, but reappears 4 years after the incident and kills Shinra's president in the process.

Beautiful cosplay! And as Phoenix, the contributor, said "unique because it actually showed Sephiroth and Jenova". Wish I had more pictures of this cosplayer! Thanks for sharing this!

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