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Sunday, June 13, 2010

OS-Tan: Windows ME 02

os-tan cosplay - windows me 02While Windows ME is a very hard worker, she often fails in anything she tries to do, resulting in system crashes that require the user to execute the dreaded “Ctrl+Alt+Del”. Whenever she isn’t frozen or out of control, she tends to do things that lack common sense such as defending herself by swinging a leek. The leek was added to her design as a pun; there is a firewall program called “NEGiES” is pronounced “Negi” which can mean “leek” in Japanese.

Cute Windows ME cosplayer! I’ve always used Windows 2000 before jumping to XP for my operating system I never got to experience these system crashes… not that I’d ever want to! Thanks to Rie for sending these in!

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