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Friday, August 27, 2010

Gyakuten Saiban 4: Naruhodo Minuki

gyakuten saiban 4 / apollo justice: ace attorney cosplay - naruhodo minuki (trucy wright)Daughter of Arumajiki Zakku and Yumi (Zak and Thalassa Gramarye), Minuki (Trucy Wright) possesses the power of perception like her mother and grandfather, Arumajiki Tensai (Magnifi Gramarye). In Zakku's disappearance, Ryuichi (Phoenix) decided to adopt Minuki as his own daughter which she accepted without hesitation. She adores magic and her favorite trick is Mr. Hat, a puppet that pops out from behind her and wears her hat. She and Odoroki Hosuke (Apollo Justice) are half siblings, though neither are aware of this fact.
This is a pretty cool cosplay of Minuki with a Mr. Hat to boot! I’m not even sure how she managed to carry that puppet beside her… Thanks again to Ophelia for sending this in!

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