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Thursday, November 18, 2010

B.B. Hood

This costume was a lot of fun to wear and super comfy! It's a great hall cosplay for when you don't feel like wearing some huge costume and you can just relax and hang out.

I think my favorite part of this costume was the basket. I wanted to make the basket really fun, so I included some fake flowers, a champagne bottle, a combat knife, uzi, handgun, and an apple grenade. I usually walked around with the basket nicely covered up with a white handkerchief. When people saw me pulling out all the weapons they were mostly like "O___O", if they were unfamiliar with the game of course.

The actual costume was all made by me in a matter of a day and a half, drafting and all. At the time I had just graduated from school(AA in Fashion Design! Wooo!) so I had been pretty busy with family visiting and what not. By them time that got all over with, I had like two days to make a new costume. I really really wanted to make something new because it's been two years since I have made something new. Yes, this is what FIDM(my school) can do to you. Sure, I made some cosplay commissions and a crap load of school projects, but never anything for myself. T_T So even if I didn't have much time, I made B.B. Hood and had fun. xD

If I'm going to wear this again, I want to remake the hood. I've never drafted/made a hood before so it was all trial and error. I just want to get that damn point out of the hood. X_X At the time I didn't care because I just wanted to make it quick, but it bugged me all throughout the con and when I looked at photos of the costume. Must..fix!!

The little pom poms also need to be fixed. This was only quick find. It bugged me that they were so much of a florescent red. I just need to make my own or something. x_x

I also want to purchase some red loafers since I couldn't find any in time for AX. I went ahead and used my friend's lolita shoes and they worked just as well! They were inaccurate, but so cute! xD
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