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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ciel Phantomhive

When It All Goes Wrong...

Ultimately, of course, I went wrong in a big enough way that I needed more yardage than I had, three days before we were supposed to leave. There was some last minute damage control which lead to me having two closet cosplays (I am possibly the only person alive for whom a leopard print burlesque dress and a lavender and black 1885 walking gown are closet cosplays) but basically, instead of having the five I had planned, I had NO costumes for October Expo.


Ciel will, of course, be finished - he's cost me too much money to abandon - and I am steadily working on the wig in odd spare moments. It was my first attempt at stubbing a wig (Which was easier than I expected) and putting in a parting (Which was not) and I'm almost ready to start building the pigtails.

I have re-envisioned Ciel and am now convinced I want to do the full - and historically accurate - underpinnings. I may have to tweak my bloomers as they were done in a hurry but the basic concept - fitted French knickers with knee-length layered lace ruffles - is sound. The cage bustle I would rather like to do in pink and white or black and white ticking stripe cotton. I also intend to make a matching corset - the same pink with black ribbons as the dress and several layers of ruffled scallop trim on the hips - and an embroidered corset cover now I have the time. I may well also go ahead and do the DVD cover version, with the extra trim on the top of the gloves, the boot garters, and the embroidered anklet.

I'm trying to work out some kind of skit that would allow me to show off the whole deal right down to the stockings, but since it's an all-ages show a strip tease is right out. Perhaps if I'm putting the clothes ON...?

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