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Monday, November 8, 2010

~Fruits Basket: Souma Kisa

fruits basket cosplay - souma kisaThe cursed tiger of the Souma Family, Kisa was bullied by her classmates for her strange colored hair and eyes. She was ashamed of being bullied and ended up not speaking a word for some time, making her mother worry about her.
Kisa loved her mother dearly and ran away from home when she realized she was causing her so much pain. She was later found by Hatsuharu and cared for by Tohru, who understood her very well having been bullied herself. They became very close as the series progresses, and Kisa finally spoke thanks to the support she got from Tohru, Haru, and Yuki.
She's so adorable! Just like the Kisa I'm familiar with. And I really like the color of her eyes too! Wonderful job!

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