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Monday, September 8, 2008

Naruto episode 3 : Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura

Haruno Sakura heads off to her explanatory meeting. Her rival, Yamanaka Ino, greets her along the way, and they end up racing to school. At school, Sakura races over to Uchiha Sasuke which is the most popular boy in the class and asks to sit next to him. Soon several of the girls are fighting to sit next to Uchiha Sasuke, which makes Naruto envy Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto stares at Sasuke down until one of the kids pushes Naruto into Sasuke and they end up kissing. This severely pisses off Sakura, who stands prepared to attack Naruto.

When class begins, Iruka Sensei announces the each of them will be in a group of three to further their training. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke end up together in a group. Naruto is thrilled to be with Sakura-chan, while she’s thrilled to be with Sasuke. Hyuuga Hinata, who has a crush on Naruto, is frustrated not to be in Naruto’s group.

At lunch, Sakura disses Naruto to find Sasuke. Naruto gets pissed and looks for revenge. He sees Sasuke sitting alone eating and attacks him. Sasuke emerges the winner and ties Naruto up. He then heads over to where Sakura is eating by herself. He joins her and asks what she thinks about Naruto. She starts ranting about how Naruto doesn’t know her and that he’s just plain annoying.
There is a flash back to the real Sasuke, who has been tied up by Naruto. Naruto then transformed into Sasuke to court Sakura. Just as she’s about to kiss Naruto (which was Sasuke), he gets a sudden stomachache and rushes to use the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Naruto has a revelation. He only can get close to Sakura if he transforms into Sasuke. His plan is to make Sakura think that Sasuke finds her annoying. However, while he is in the bathroom, the real Sasuke walks passed Sakura and asks about Naruto. She rants about how annoying Naruto is, but Sasuke tells Sakura the very same words she used to describe Naruto. It really hurts her. Naruto, meanwhile, heads out of the bathroom where he is greeted by Sasuke. Naruto decides that he will gain the respect of others if he defeats Sasuke, but again he has another desperate urge to use the bathroom and retreats.

Sakura has the chance to think things over and decides to be nicer to Naruto. When he emerges from the bathroom, she greets him and asks him to walk back to class. He accuses her of being Sasuke and wanting revenge, but Naruto still has stomach ache so he ended up again in the bathroom.

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