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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Naruto Shippuden episodes

Here is a complete list of all Naruto Shippuden episodes aired in Japan on TV Tokyo. Titles are translated into English from the original Japanese titles They were taken from different sources like the fansubs of ANBU, AnimeOne and Dattebayo. We also included the original air date of each Naruto Shippuden anime episode.

Naruto Shippuden anime season 1

Episode 001 Homecoming
Episode 002 Akatsuki makes its move
Episode 003 The Results of Training
Episode 004 Jinchūriki of the Sand
Episode 005 As the Kazekage...!
Episode 006 Quota Cleared
Episode 007 Run, Kankuro
Episode 008 Team Kakashi Deployed
Episode 009 The Jinchūriki's Tears
Episode 010 Sealing Jutsu: Illusionary Dragon Nine Seal
Episode 011 The Medical Ninja's Pupil
Episode 012 The Retired Old Lady's Determination
Episode 013 A Destined Meeting
Episode 014 Naruto's Growth
Episode 015 Hidden Sphere - It is Named...!
Episode 016 The Secret of Jinchūriki
Episode 017 Gaara Dies!
Episode 018 Break In! Button Hook Entry
Episode 019 Traps Activate! Team Guy's Enemies
Episode 020 Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi
Episode 021 Sasori's Real Face
Episode 022 Chiyo's Secret Skills
Episode 023 Father and Mother
Episode 024 The Third Kazekage
Episode 025 Three Minutes of Life and Death
Episode 026 10 Puppets vs 100 Puppets

Naruto Shippuden anime season 2

Episode 027 The Impossible Dream
Episode 028 The Revived Beasts
Episode 029 Kakashi Enlightened!
Episode 030 Aesthetics of an Instant
Episode 031 The Inheritor
Episode 032 Return of the Kazekage
Episode 033 The New Target
Episode 034 Formation! New Team Kakashi
Episode 035 An unneeded addition
Episode 036 Fake smile
Episode 037 Untitled
Episode 038 Simulation
Episode 039 The Bridge of Heaven and Earth
Episode 040 The Nine-Tails unleashed!!
Episode 041 Top-secret mission starts
Episode 042 Orochimaru VS Jinchūriki
Episode 043 Sakura's tears
Episode 044 The Truth About the Fight
Episode 045 The Consequence of Betrayal
Episode 046 Unfinished page
Episode 047 Sneak in! Den of the poisonous snake
Episode 048 Bonds
Episode 049 Something important
Episode 050 The Picture Book's Story
Episode 051 Reunion
Episode 052 The power of Uchiha

Naruto Shippuden anime season 3

Episode 053 Title
Episode 054 Nightmare
Episode 055 Wind
Episode 056 Squirm
Episode 057 Deprived of Eternal Sleep
Episode 058 Loneliness
Episode 059 A New Enemy
Episode 060 Mutability
Episode 060 Contact
Episode 061 Teammate
Episode 062 Two Kings
Episode 063 Jet-Black Signal Fire
Episode 064 Lockdown of Darkness
Episode 065 Revived Souls
Episode 066 Everyone's Struggle to the Death
Episode 067 Everyone's Struggle to the Death
Episode 068 Time of Awakening
Episode 069 Despair
Episode 070 Resonance
Episode 071 Friend
Episode 072 Silently Approaching Threat
Episode 073 Akatsuki's Invasion
Episode 074 Beneath the Starry Sky
Episode 075 The Old Monk's Prayer

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