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Friday, October 10, 2008

Naruto Shippuden episode 67

It starts off with everyone still in their personal battles. Naruto fighting the Vain girl, Yamato fighting the stone guy, and Sakura the Lady with a guy sounding voice. Sora is still with the Leader Furido and Shikamaru is still analyzing trying to come up with a strategy with Tsunade. Naruto escapes falling to his death after being electrocuted off of the roof and continues to fight. He is eventually smothered in a mudslide created by an earth and water technique. Yamato tries using earth against his opponent with no luck. He then uses water to soften the ground and get him stuck in mud. Using a wood technique he then creates a tree that squeezes to death the enemy ninja (you see his head explode an everything!). Sakura gets poisoned into a hallucination, but just when her opponent moves in, Sakura uses a replacement technique and quite literally beats the living hell out of her. (Remember that she has some ridiculous strength.) As a result these victories (except for Naruto) the zombie ninjas and the barrier are destroyed. Asuma is trapped in a new lightning technique. Sora tries to talk with Furido about how he doesn’t want the village to be destroyed. Furido, now considering Sora to be weak, starts beating him. So, with two enemy ninja killed and Asuma, Naruto and Sora in trouble, the episode ends.

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