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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Naruto Shipuuden episode 68: Time of Awakening

So Naruto and Asuma are the only ones still in a tough place. Asuma, trapped in his lightning cage controls his knuckle knife thingy (which was outside the cage) and he was able to break down the lightning barrier. Asuma then chases down one of the four ninja and is suddenly able to kill him. Really, it was out of nowhere. Before he was struggling, but now he just kills him no problems. Naruto is still battling the crazy chick. After a while of fighting, He notices that she is really using different bodies which is why she is able to use so many different elements. He then realizes that her hair is really important. To sum up a really stupid fight, this girl turns out to be nothing BUT the hair. It was really funny seeing how the girl (or should i say the hair) looks like. It looked like she had a bad hair day and turned into a a floating ball of hair with glowing eyes floating toward Naruto. It was easily one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a filler in a long time.

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