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Monday, October 13, 2008

Naruto Shippuden episode 71: Friend

The end of the Sora arc. Naruto finally have been succeded to pressing Kyubi’s chakra from taking over himself again. Then Naruto tried the same thing for Sora, he tried to awakening Sora. And when Naruto was walking towards Kyuubi Sora, he was beaten down by Sora. Naruto stand up again and try again but he failed. Sakura come to heal Naruto but on the same time Sora attack them by ball amount of chakra. Naruto protect Sakura with his body and ask him to join other. Let Naruto to handle Sora by his own self. Meanwhile, Kazuma tried to escape from Azuma, but Sai come to help zuma and finally Kazuma has been defeated by Azuma. Back again to Naruto and Sora, when Sora heared Naruto’s voice, he get his self back slowly. And finally Naruto could hit Sora and succeded awakening Sora. On the other side, new opponent has apeared, Akatsuki has been starting their move. It seem two Akatsuki’s member tried to kill two-tails Jinchuuriki. Their name are Hidan and Kakuzu.

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