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Monday, October 13, 2008

Naruto Shippuden espisode 70: Resonance

In Naruto Shippuden espisode 70 everyone is trying to stop Sora while Asuma and the newly revealed Kazuma are fighting off on their own. Pretty much nothing works on Sora, despite the reapeated efforts till Naruto does his “I understand how you feel” thing and instead of solving the problem, Sora’s released chakra resonates with the real chakra inside of Naruto. Naruto begins to develop the fox’s cloak as well. Sora sprouts the fourth tail becoming the fully formed Fox that we’ve seen when Naruto went “four tails” as well. Naruto starts to change as well but stops the tranformation returning to normal. Everynow and then we see images of Sora, apparently his “inner conciousness” where he faintly hears Naruto’s voice. And that’s it. Serisously, we know Naruto is going to save the day, again, by merely making Sora his friend.

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