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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Commissions and Updates

I recently received a commission for another Ashitaka hood, which I'm pleased to say I just finished yesterday:

(I know, I look really cool >_>)

It's a bit different than the one I made for Mike a few years ago. I think there are some improvements, and some things that I wish would be different. That's the thing about homemade cosplay... every piece is unique!

Things I like about this new version:

- The mask! It's pretty awesome. It's attached on one side with stitches, and the other side has red velcro so you can take it on and off easily. I put in three pieces of velcro spaced a bit apart on the inside for adjustability. This also makes for an easier time keeping it securely up over the nose, or letting it hang down under the chin.

- I like the fact that I was able to attach all of the under pieces to the lining first, so there are no stitches on the outside from the velcro, mask, etc.

- The client wanted another flap underneath at the back of the neck so that he could slide the straw cape in between the pieces of fabric, so it wouldn't scratch his neck. I thought that was a pretty good idea.

Things I wish I had done better:

-The shape of the top ended up being a bit strange. I think it looks alright but it's not ideal.

- The white shapes. The client wanted them sewn on, which I did, but in hindsight I probably could've done it differently to make it look a little better.

Overall, I think the hood looks pretty great. I hope the client is happy with it!

I've also been working on my Space Commander Haruhi/Kyon costumes for me and my friend Mike for Anime Boston (it's soon! horray!). I think they're coming along... I'll have some pictures posted later.

How are your costumes going? Is your convention coming up? Are you going to AB? Hope everything is working out!

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