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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sad Incidents, and Things to Look Forward To

Well, I'll be a day behind on my costumes already, because last night my sewing machine totally broke. Bah! I'm going to go back to using my mom's old machine, which I used to use all the time until I was gifted a new one. I'll only lose one or two nights of work.

Before it happened, I managed to finish the front and put a collar on, but I'm not happy with the collar so I'll be resewing it.

Luckily, I know I have enough time to finish my costume work, and I'm really looking forward to the convention! Only a couple of my friends can go this year, but it should be a good time... it's easier to coordinate fewer people anyway, I suppose.

Also, I wanted to mention that there's a pretty cool-looking game that quite literally was just released called Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. I didn't play the first Sacred game, but this one seems pretty interesting, and the character designs caught my eye. Anything with a Dryad in it is worth trying out, to me. I often see games coming out that I want to get, but I rarely do... they're so expensive! I usually wait for a sale, holiday, or to buy it used. Fortunately, this time I'm going to have the opportunity to play this game almost right after its release to see how it is... I'll let you know ^_^;

You can check out some screenshots, videos, etc at the Sacred 2 website, if it seems like it might be your thing.

More costume updates to come in the next few weeks! Hope yours are all coming together!

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