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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chobits: Dita

chobits cosplay - dita by kiyoshi

Acting as a personal bodyguard for Zima, the Japanese Government's National Data Bank, Dita mercilessly hacks into any persocom that is a threat to Zima. We first saw her ability when Yuzuki, Minoru's most powerful persocom, hacked Zima to find out more about the "Chobits". Dita forced Yuzuki out and shut her down almost instantly.

Though she cares deeply for Zima, she does not think persocoms cannot experience such feelings, and denies being in love with him. Zima also comments she temperamental, which she similarly also disregards.

Dita is one of my most favorite characters in Chobits. Kiyoshi does a great job cosplaying her, and I hope I can find more of her cosplays soon.

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