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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I cracked up when I saw the Flonne

I cracked up when I saw the Flonne/Etna costume swap figures (and later, the artwork) and (not very seriously) considered making one of the costumes. When Ashley and I found some hot pink metallic spandex she had lying around, we figured we'd just go for it. I made the costume, and Ashley handled the accessories, like the wings and fabulous bow, and took the photos. She also just happened to have a pair of white patent boots that miraculously fit me. Ridiculous as it is, I'm pretty happy with the results, particularly the neckline of the shirt (I was not sure I could get spandex to do that), the belts (made using the wrong side of the spandex. I'm trying to convince myself it was worth all the trouble with the sewing machine), and the bow (it bounces when I walk).

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