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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Naruto Shippuden episode 69: Despair

Furido notices that one of the four Lightning Ninjas were destroyed and dissapates his ressurection technique. Not giving up, he goes to plan B where he releases the Chakra inside of Sora. Flashback: when the Kyuubi first attacked Konoha, some ninjas took advantage of the attack and collected some of the chakra that leaked off. They cultivated it and inserted it in Sora. So basically, Sora is another version of Naruto. Now that this chakra is released, he starts to develop the fox’s cloak and some tails. Naruto is trying to talk him down, but Furido released the chakra completely so there’s no stopping it. Also, All the other ninjas arrive, including Asuma. Asuma suddenly realized that Furido is Kazuma (yes Sora’s Father). So off go Kazuma and Asuma to fight to the death as sora lays there screaming about the pain (and his screaming, by the way, sounds like a mix of a cat getting strangled and a dog in heat-in short nothing pretty or even remotely clos to normal human noise).

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